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Hackers Brief from Cyber Wyoming | August 8, 2022

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Holy impersonation Batman!

A Sheridan citizen reported an email impersonating Home Depot, but if you look closely the email is really from a real newsletter and podcast address at The subject line is “Confirmation Needed” and the link transfers you to a French website. Note that this same email address also spammed the same Sheridan citizen claiming a “Final Notice” for a Christmas card company in Britain, a “surprise” for T-Mobile Customers, Sam’s Club, and/or CVS Pharmacy Stores, get your credit report from impersonating not one, but all three credit reporting agencies, and a “Last Reminder” for McAfee antivirus software. Note that the Christmas card company link showed up in at least 5 different emails that the Sheridan citizen received with different subject lines in each one. The last one was supposedly from Lowe’s and the subject line was “Seriously, We don’t normally do this.” But, obviously, the hackers DO normally do this. Don’t click on the link! is a real podcaster’s website and we have notified him that his email has been compromised.

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