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Hackers Brief from Cyber Wyoming | March 8

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The Hackers Brief from Cyber Wyoming is sponsored by First Federal Bank & Trust. Be aware of the latest scams in Sheridan, Wyoming and the rest of the nation. 


Extortion Phone Scam

A Big Horn citizen reported an extortion phone call from Mr. Jason Hunt. It said he had been retained for mediation and multiple infractions had been reported with this citizen’s name and social security number. It also said there was a pending summons to be delivered to her home and employer. The Big Horn citizen said they got her name wrong, which clued her into this being a scam. CyberWyoming Note: If you are worried about a phone call like this, call the AARP Fraud Watch Helpline at 877-908-3360 or your local nonemergency number for the police department to discuss.


Amazon Fake Shipping Email

A Laramie citizen reported an email from spoofed as Order Update with the subject line of “Purchase Status.” The email was addressed to “Dear User” and claimed the citizen had ordered a Dell laptop for almost $3000. CyberWyoming Note: Never click on the links in these emails, instead go directly to the orders section on your Amazon account.


Federal Bank of Reserve of CA Is Not Offering You Scam Victim Recompense

A Sheridan citizen reported a scam email from and (Chairman George D Jones) with the subject line of “Federal Reserve Bank of California.” The email claims, as a scam victim, you are shortlisted to receive compensation via a wire transfer, but first you have to provide your personal information and purchase a $100 gift card from OffGamers, Sephora, Walmart, eBay, or Nike.


Vaccine Survey Scam Email

A Laramie citizen reported a scam email saying he had been selected for a vaccine survey. The email was from spoofed as Covid-19 Vaccine and the subject name was “[Your name], your vaccine survey-81345.” The links were identified by the email provider as being malicious.


County 17 News Reports 2 Scams in Gillette

1. A 61-year-old Gillette citizen lost $1,600 to an international scamming operation. She received a phone call and was told her identity had been compromised. The scammers convinced her to install a remote desktop application and gained access to her computer and stole money from her bank and PayPal accounts. 2. A 69-year-old Gillette citizen lost $1000 to a tech support scam where the fraudsters claimed to be from Apple calling about a disputed iTunes charge. The citizen was asked to purchase gift cards to pay for the tech support.


Advice from CyberWyoming

Before you stress about a phone call, text or email that you receive call the AARP Fraud Watch Network (any age welcome) Helpline 877-908-3360. Also whenever anyone asks for gift cards, to view a check via a webcam or phone cam, or a wire transfer, it is a sure indication that this is fraud.


Norton Internet Security Expired Scam

A Laramie citizen reported an email with the subject line of “ATT [Name] Last Reminder: Your membership has expired” supposedly from Norton (an antivirus product), but really from The button to renew makes the email seem more innocuous by saying “Start Questionaire Now” (yes questionnaire is spelled wrong on the button.) This email had very convincing graphics.


McAfee Antivirus Protection Scam

A Laramie citizen reported an email scam with the subject line of “Your McAfee Sub scription Has Expired” (yes, they left a space in subscription) from This email had very convincing graphics and wording, even claiming to have a 5-star rating from Trust Pilot.


Watchtrack Email Scam

A Laramie citizen reported an email scam with the subject line of “Congratulations! [Name], Exclusive Gadgets to Try in 2021” from spoofed as Watchtrack. Watchtrack claims to be the next fitness watch, and although Watchtrack is a real product, the email is a scam. The graphics on this email were very convincing.


UPS Fake Delivery Notice

A Laramie citizen reported an email scam claiming to be from UPS but really from with the subject line of “URGENT Notice in 2021: UPS expiring soon!” This email was sent with a high importance level and offered the citizen an ‘exclusive reward’ to take a survey. The graphics on this email were very convincing, but be sure not to click on any links. Vaccination Card Picture Alert

If you get vaccinated and want to tell everyone, go ahead but DO NOT hold up your vaccination card in your picture. Remember it has your name and date of birth and with your picture, that is enough information to start a criminal down the path to stealing your identity.


Please report scams you may experience to to alert your friends and neighbors.


Other ways to report a scam:

• Better Business Bureau Scam Tracker:
• File a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission at
• Report your scam to the FBI at
• Reported unwanted calls to the Federal Trade Commission’s Do Not Call Registration.
• Online at or call 1-888-382-1222, option 3
• Office of the Inspector General:

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