Dugan Irby threw his graduation cap in the air with his fellow Big Horn High School graduates Sunday, May 24, 2020.  [...]

Hey teachers and students and parents – it’s almost spring break (except you Sheridan College, bummer.)Are you making plans? Are you traveling? Can you even travel right now? Are you just exci… [...]

I have a confession: I hate winter. I begin counting down the days until spring the instant I see the first snowflake of the season. While others are strapping on their skis and building entir… [...]

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Trudy and I were having a Santa Fe Christmas when an old friend named Robbie drove up to the house in his vet truck — a semi-cantankerous dodger that had mostly obeyed its owner’s wishes durin… [...]

The Brinton Museum will again present the “All-Schools 5th Grade Student Art Show” and also the “16th Illustrator Show," opening to the public in February. [...]

It was almost a year ago when the team that works to put on the WYO Film Festival met to discuss how we might have to adjust our plans in light of the new pandemic that was starting to cause c… [...]

Martin Luther King Jr.’s world-altering career of activism is perhaps best remembered for his “I Have a Dream” speech during the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom in August 1963. [...]

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The new year. 2021. Doesn't that feel wonderful to say?Starting a new year has always felt fresh and energizing for me, but this new year feels a bit different. Those feelings of freshness and… [...]

There are a handful of Sheridanites that have taken to the digital world to present their own audio talk shows. Here’s a look at some locally-based podcasts available on major streaming platforms. [...]

Writing these reflections on the arts has become something of an exercise for me over the past 18 months. As I sit it write, I will often look over what I have said previously so I don’t end u… [...]

Without residents, the staff members at Jentel were busy this fall with minor repairs and maintenance, plus all those stacks of good ideas and updates to implement, which we saved for another time. [...]

Due to this once-a-century pandemic, performing artists have had to completely reimagine what live performances mean, or if live performance could even happen without jeopardizing the safety o… [...]

Christmas Day is less than a week away, and everyone celebrates a little differently. Christmas songs have been a point of strong opinion, mostly how early is acceptable to begin playing holid… [...]

Here’s the deal — I love Christmastime, like really love it. I love the music, I love the weather (well usually), I love the colors and the lights and the food and the drinks and my absolute f… [...]

This year’s traditional holiday open houses are nixed, but the spirit of the season is alive even from a distance. While there are no designated community-wide gatherings, those who want to vi… [...]

We heave a collective sigh of relief as this year concludes. 2020 caused us to reminisce on former years with nostalgia unlike any we’ve known before, as what used to be ordinary: visiting fam… [...]

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In the course of life, small adjustments are often needed in order to establish or maintain close relationships with others. Whether this refers to the playing of a musical instrument, the int… [...]

As fall is turning to winter, the new nature trails have been closed for the season and the Ranch House and outbuildings put up for the winter.But The Brinton Museum is not ready to hibernate. [...]

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Imagine a Venn diagram with one sphere labeled “COVID-19 social upheaval” and the other labeled “Franz Kafka’s novella, ‘The Metamorphosis.’” The intersection of these two concepts is “METAmor… [...]

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I would guess that most people that set out to write an article have some general idea of a point that they’ll try to make or an observation they’d like to share with the reader. [...]

Grace Cannon and Jami Lance hope to deliver a warm and fuzzy feeling this December through an adapted production of the classic film "It's a Wonderful Life." [...]