Too many months ago to admit, I walked out of my studio and installed a solo exhibition of my latest work. I sat back and reflected upon balancing time and responsibility, the escalated passage of time as birthdays seem to fly by faster than ever and rathers vs druthers. I continue to pick up pieces of rusty metal, weather wood and deteriorated aluminum cans. Notes for work that would go into a sketchbook, now jumble around in my head as I visualize the potential. Meanwhile, the studio lights are off, and I turn down the heat.

A few weeks back, I looked around the table from person to person and reflected on the flow of conversation, the exchange of ideas, the supportive comments and plans for moving forward. Each person was dedicated, committed and enthusiastic. Each knew how to squeeze every minute out of an hour. None shied away from long hours and extra effort for a project. Meanwhile a baby slept in a carrier on the floor, and another sat on a lap, contented to play with blocks in between bites of a cereal snack.

Mary Jane Edwards is executive director of Jentel Foundation. 

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