SHERIDAN — Sheridan-raised musician Ian Munsick has released three new music videos on major streaming platforms in the past two months. The new productions represent a busy year of developing both his personal and professional life and foreshadow his upcoming regional tour.

This year’s videos include an acoustic rendition of the Fleetwood Mac song “Dreams,” which features a simple stage presentation of Munsick with a violinist. “Long Haul” is a professionally produced video ballad that showcases some of the most scenic landscapes in Sheridan County. “Me Against the Mountain” features actual video of his October wedding to his wife, Caroline.

Along with the telltale panoramic view of the Bighorn Mountains near Sand Turn and the rocky bed of the Tongue River, the last two videos include several local references including the signature King Ropes hat, guest appearances of family members and even a paper copy of The Sheridan Press.

Munsick said at the start of the year, he had enough songs written for a new album and made the decision to see how far his talents can take him.

“My wife has been my manager the past three years, and we figured it was the right time to partner with somebody who could unlock some doors and had a great reputation in (Nashville),” he said.

Munsick and his wife ultimately chose Erv Woolsey, a longtime manager for high-profile talent including George Strait and Lee Ann Womack.

The first two tracks on this year’s new album were released as singles without a record label. Interest in those songs led to a record deal with Warner Brothers in July, and the rest of the album will be released under that label. Munsick has been featured multiple times this year in Country Music Television News and earlier this year, had a song included in the Wyoming Arts Council Road Trip Playlist. Most recently, he was featured in Rolling Stone as a country music pick for the week of Dec. 7.

“What I’m trying to do is make music that I love and that other people love,” he said. “I’m very blessed to be able to put food on the table from it.”

In addition to his upcoming album, Munsick is planning a tour of the Rocky Mountain region to hopefully start in the spring.

“Last year, we had big plans for touring, but those came to a halt,” he said. “A lot of the dates we are doing in ’21 are reschedules from 2020.”

Munsick said his spring tour will feature only him and a violinist doing stripped-down renditions of his songs. Fewer bandmates decreases the potential for viral spread. However, he is looking forward to having his wife and young son join him on the road.

“(My son) was born right before the quarantine and he’s 10 months old now. The world that we have adjusted to has been weird because we have been able to stay home a lot and not have the stress of traveling a whole lot. We are still trying to figure out how that’s going to look being on the road,” he said. “My wife is obviously heavily involved in my career so that comes with always recognizing that we gotta do what we gotta do as a family. Caroline helps me out a ton, and I would not be here without her.”

In addition to his strong family traditions and support, Munsick finds strength in his hometown.

“Sheridan and the Wyoming community have been a huge support for me as an independent artist in the last years,” Munsick said. “It has really helped me do what I want to do here in Nashville and take my music and a small part of Wyoming to the rest of the country.”

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