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Devan Reilly dons custom Sheridan WYO Rodeo chaps.

SHERIDAN — There are a handful of Sheridanites that have taken to the digital world to present their own audio talk shows. Here’s a look at some locally-based podcasts available on major streaming platforms.

“Blazing Trails” hosted by Devan Reilly

Reilly, who grew up in Sheridan, is a Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association bronc rider, hunting guide and ranch hand. He started his podcast in 2017 after recognizing he had unique interest and accessibility to unsung human stories.

“With the social media age, everyone wants to be an influencer and try to become famous that way,” he said. “I want to find the hidden gems out there. There have been so many times I met somebody and had a conversation with them and realized no one knows anything about them, but they are just awesome people and they inspire you and have a big impact on your life.”

Reilly’s podcast had a soft start in 2017 in the form of a few casual interviews of his cowboy friends recorded via the voice memo function on his smartphone. He eventually secured a sponsorship from Sankey Pro Rodeo to purchase professional recording and production equipment.

Since then, he has interviewed a smattering of cowboys, hunters, outdoors enthusiasts, veterans and business people from Sheridan and the surrounding region. They share the cultural ties of the West and offer conversation and philosophy that are unearthed in an environment of friendship and trust.

“The people I have on my show are people that have got something going — they have a drive, a passion or an energy about them the average person doesn’t have,” he explained. “No matter if they’re riding broncs, killing it in the gym or very successful with their business, I want to get them on there. Everyone is blazing a trail in their life and I want to get them on my show so they can tell their tale.”

“Be the Bison” hosted by Bert Kuntz

Formerly titled “Kill Your Ego,” this recently rebranded podcast is hosted by the owner of Bison Union Company on Sheridan’s Main Street. Armed with the slogan that we always retain the right to work harder, this show themes around people that have turned failure and struggles into success.

“I want real people with real problems, not fluff,” Kuntz said in his debut edition. He began his show in September and has since released a dozen episodes featuring Sheridan people, including Brady Mclean of Go Fast Don’t Die, Seth Larson of Cloud Peak Crossfit, musician Dugan Irby, former rodeo clown and C&K Equipment owner Brad Walden and Sheridan Police Chief Travis Koltiska and Lt. Tom Ringley.

“This podcast is going to be sporadic. We are not going to do two or three podcasts a week and make this a job and not fun and hustle and hustle and grind an all the other cool words everybody always uses,” Kuntz said on his Nov. 25 episode. “We are going to do it when we feel like doing it and when I have something that is important of substance to put out.”

“Be the Bison” represents another outgrowth of the entrepreneurial efforts Kuntz has launched since moving to the community in recent years. Before settling in Sheridan, Kuntz served in the Army Special Forces as a Green Beret and advanced combat instructor. According to the History Channel, he deployed more than 60 times and conducted more than 200 missions throughout Asia and the Middle East and is a three-time Bronze Star recipient for acts of valor in combat.

“Go Be Wyoming” hosted by Aaron Gray and Zach Gale

Launched in mid-August, this podcast is an outlet for Gray and Gale to share their passion for their professional, personal and political experiences that center on life in the state and Sheridan specifically.

“As a landman, I have met a lot of ranchers that are third and fourth-generation families and it dawned on me they have so many cool stories, and that’s something that people were really missing in 2020, was having those conversations,” Gray said, adding that after mulling it over for a while, he invested in a $80 podcast starter kit and got to work.

The show gained traction covering the lively progression of local elections and is now branching out to provide a platform for guests to reflect on statewide events at the local level.

“I also want to bring people on and just hear some crazy, cool stories about things about Wyoming,” he said.

Gray said in recent weeks he has established an office above Welcome Market Hall and has recorded new interviews that will be released in the coming days, including a visit with Asia Stockwell of Maven Massage and Bodywork.

“A podcast is great because the listeners are going to search you out,” he said, adding that he sees the medium as his contribution to historical preservation.

Episodes of “Go Be Wyoming” vary greatly in length. Some are as short as 12 minutes and others go well over an hour, depending on the time required to address the topic. Gray plans to release weekly content.

“Wyld West” hosted by Shawn Parker and Justin Stroup

Eighteen episodes of interviews highlighting Sheridan people, events and business hosted by Sheridan County Travel and Tourism’s executive director, “Wyld West” provides background for visitors and a fresh look at familiar customs for Sheridan natives.

Episodes began in October of 2018 and span through July of last year featuring talk about local events including the WYO Film Festival and the WYO Winter Rodeo. Individual guests on past episodes include rancher Stephen Yellowtail, filmmaker Josh Lobo, and artist Sonja Caywood.

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