I got an email the other day about a stove LG is pushing. Other than being way outside my price range, it had an interesting feature I had never heard about before; air sous vide.

I had heard about sous vide before. It is the low and slow cooking of proteins in a temperature-controlled bath while tightly sealed in a plastic bag. The idea is that you will get the same temperature all the way through the meat, not a degree more.

But air sous vide? I don’t know why I had never thought that was an option before, but it got my interest piqued.

On one hand, I didn’t have almost $3,000 laying around to upgrade my stove just for this column… But I do have an electric smoker.

The top-of-the-line stove has one advantage I don’t have, and that is air flow control. 

But, the smoker does have a pretty linear design that allows air to flow over the sealed meat in a pretty controlled way.

I decided what the heck, and sacrificed four seasoned burger patties to the experiment gods. After a little over an hour at 140 degrees I pulled them from the hilariously multi-use smoker to examine the results. One poke with the instant thermometer told me it had reached a perfect 140 degrees. 

I’m not going to lie, I was surprised. I could have been super lucky and checked it right at the perfect time, or the electric smoker also dubs as an air sous vide.

After that — and a total disregard to take any sort of pictures — I just browned them on each side in a hot cast iron pan for a few seconds and we were golden.

While they were incredibly tender and juicy, I don’t think I would go through all this trouble for just a burger again. I will probably give it another shot with some salmon or a steak in the future, just to see if the perfect temperature was a fluke or not.

The new frontier of air sous vide is upon us! How many people would actually use that feature on an expensive stove is one I would question, but you have that option now.

Or you could be like me and just use your electric smoker as a low and slow outside oven sometimes, just really bastardize it.

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