Ditch the husk and try aluminum foil tonight.

Here at the Sanders home, we love corn on the cob — it is a summer staple. 

For me, it all started back when I was a kid spending time in upstate New York. By the end of the summer roadside stands selling corn were all over the place and the side of the road was littered with corn that had fallen off the trucks. We would eat corn nearly every night because it was just something that was so easily available.

Back in Sheridan, it is not nearly that common. There might be a roadside stand here selling corn grown from somewhere else, but local stuff is hard to come by.

Unfortunate as that may be, it never stopped us from eating it often.

Hands down my favorite way to cook corn on the cob is by grilling it. The only problem is the mess it makes when you are done cooking. The charred husks got everything in a 10-mile radius covered. That was after you had to wait for them to cool down so you wouldn’t melt your fingers off.

Then one day I decided to skip the husk all together and just wrap them in aluminum foil. Life-changing.

Not only does this method work in nearly any outdoor setting, it’s super easy to clean up. I have tried this method in a campfire and on the grill, it works great in both. Not only does it cook well, but you also get char marks coming through the foil. With the husk method, you need to take off the husk first, then finish them quickly on the grill to get those marks. You can just skip a step now.

After completely shucking the corn, I like to give them a nice rub down with butter and season them with salt and pepper. If I’m feeling real frisky, I might then put some other spices in there to kick them up a notch. Really, you can put whatever you want on them, it is up to you.

Just finish up by wrapping them in some aluminum foil and grill over medium heat, rotating them every so often.

Hopefully it works out so well for you that by the end of the summer you will be sick of corn on the cob because you have been eating it so often!

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