As is tradition in my life — and I’m sure many others — I go on and off diets regularly and it is usually a losing battle. That ice cream and late-night eating will be the death of me. Literally. I can just imagine the diabetes guy staring me down in disappointment. May he rest in peace.

One thing I have found that makes mundane vegetables better is loads of cheese. Since the goal is to lose weight, that rules out cheese and something else like ranch — the preferred Wyoming dip.

Luckily, I moonlight as a hack food columnist, so I put myself to work.

How could I sip up the crowd’s favorite broccoli? Or any vegetable for that matter?

Then it hit me. Potatoes in their best form are fried. Deep frying them is horrible for you so why not air fry vegetables?

I looked it up and it’s been around forever and this isn’t some new idea.

I was crushed. How could someone beat me by decades to this idea? It is so simple but aloof.

Through trial and error, frozen vegetables seem to air fry the best. And when I say seem to, I mean, momma mia. That’s a gooda broccoli.

I’m a regular fan of a seasoning mix called Scott’s Santa Maria style seasoning. It’s a real nice relaxed flavor profile that is pretty much good on everything.

It’s my Franks Hot Sauce.

You can use whatever seasoning you like though, or none at all. Whatever floats your boat.

Crank your air fryer up to medium high (I like 375) and fry away until the ends look a bit burnt.

You may be thinking, “Burnt? This guy is a hack!”

Trust me when I say it just works out. You will have a hard time eating vegetables like broccoli or cauliflower any other way.

Do with this knowledge as you will. All I can say is a serial dieter that hates vegetables and looks like Uncle Buck rolling up for a summer vacation loves it.

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