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SHERIDAN — Holly Zajic is the new chief ambulatory officer for Sheridan Memorial Hospital. Transitioning to SMH from Laramie’s Ivinson Memorial Hospital where she served as chief operating officer, Zajic will oversee the ambulatory (outpatient) clinics for SMH.

The clinics Zajic will have in her purview include: Women’s Clinic, Internal Medicine, Urgent Care, Occupational Health, Cardiology, ENT, Audiology, Big Horn Surgical, Rheumatology, Geriatric Medicine, Addiction Medicine and Wound Care.

When talking about the opportunity she has in front of her at SMH, Zajic is impressed with the level of care and expertise already in place.

“Not many communities the size of Sheridan has the depth of healthcare services and expertise SMH provides,” she said. “My goal is to partner with our ambulatory (outpatient) teams to advance the care model for our patients and ensure that we continue to provide excellent, safe, timely and reliable care. I truly believe the future of health care is in ambulatory services and driving value for our patients through these services is essential to the health of our community.”

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