SHERIDAN — The owners of Roosters have something to crow about. The local business has moved to a new location in downtown Sheridan.

Making its first appearance on Main Street, Roosters officially moved in early June into the old Sheridan Stationery Books and Gallery building at 206 N. Main St. Originally owned by Michelle Halseide and purchased by Niki Warnke in 2015, Roosters has served the Sheridan community for more than 20 years.

“We had been praying for two years about a move downtown,” Warnke said, noting two previous moves “I would drive down Main and look. But I couldn't see where we fit in.”

That changed after getting a call in January about the opening downtown. It ended up being perfect timing, Warnke said, as the lease at Rooster’s former location was almost up.

“It was like God leading us.”

In the new location, the owner of Roosters hopes to add to the store’s customer base, become a part of a rich history in downtown Sheridan and enjoy fun parts of retail, such as 3rd Thursday and the annual Christmas Stroll celebrations.

While their new location will undoubtedly increase foot traffic into the shop, the business’ existing customer base said they’ve been flocking in to admire the flowers by the door and indulge in good conversation with the employees.

“Everyone has given us such a warm welcome and have been so gracious,” Warnke said.

Dixie Johnson, CEO of the Sheridan County Chamber of Commerce, shared her support of the move.

“When businesses see opportunity (on Main Street), they take it,” Johnson said. “And it's a risk, but for the better of the community.”

A prime downtown location will boost traffic in Roosters, Johnson said, and more purchases in local stores recycles money back into the community.

She added it’s important to keep spaces downtown filled with retail options. As online shopping becomes more prevalent, it is easy for actual storefronts to start shifting toward non-retail businesses, then marginalizing any extra money being circulated into the community. Retail stores also keep Main Street thriving and more exciting to walk and browse.

Roosters hopes to keep spreading its wings in the future. While Warnke loves the space, between the location and manageable amount of merchandise, she hopes to grow the business digitally with a potential new website.

“Roosters was originally started as a ministry,” Warnke said. “A safe haven where the people of Sheridan could go for peace. A light in the community. To serve.”

That is ultimately what they hope to continue in their new downtown location.

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