NOTICE OF SALE OF REAL PROPERTY FOR FAILURE TO PAY PAVING ASSESSMENT LIEN: WHEREAS, a default in the payment of principal and interest has occurred under the terms of City of Sheridan Ordinance 1788 dated February 3, 1997 and Ordinance 1791 dated Aril 7, 1997, establishing Special Improvement District No. 74. Per the terms of the aforementioned ordinances, a Paving Assessment Lien was recorded on June 9, 1997, #257509, Book B of Liens, Page 16 in the records of Sheridan County, Wyoming against real property located at 548 East 2nd Street, Sheridan, WY, 82801, owned by Robert K. Creathbaum, in the amount of $7,940.07 which consists of $3,512.80 in principal, plus attorney fees, costs expected, accruing interests and later charges incurred since inception. WHEREAS, Notice is further given to Robert K. Creathbaum, Andrew Two Bulls, heirs, assigns and unknown owners that if immediate full payment is not made to the City of Sheridan at 55 Grinnell Plaza, Sheridan, WY 82801, prior to 10:00 am on December 30, 2022, the said real property shall be sold in accordance with W.S. §15-6-410 et. seq. WHEREAS, the real property being sold may be subject to other liens and encumbrances that will not be extinguished at the sale, and any prospective purchaser should research the status of title before submitting a bid. NOW THEREFORE, the City of Sheridan shall sell the liened property on the City of Sheridan City Hall steps located at 55 Grinnell Plaza, Sheridan, Wyoming 82801, to the first offeror of the entire amount owed on December 30, 2022, at 10:00 a.m. The entire amount must be paid by the first offeror by 10:00 a.m. on December 31, 2022. The liened property subject to sale is more particularly described as follows, to wit: The East 58 ½ feet of Lot 12, and the East 58 ½ feet of the North 44 feet of Lot 11, Block 45, Sheridan Land Company’s Addition to the Town, now City of Sheridan, Sheridan County, Wyoming; with an address of 548 East 2nd Street, Sheridan, Wyoming, 82801, together with all improvements thereon situated and all fixtures and appurtenances thereto. Brendon E. Kerns, #7-4725, Tarver, Kerns & Bunting, LLP, 200 W. Loucks St. | P.O. Box 6669, Sheridan, WY 82801, Phone: (307) 655-8600Publish: November 18 & 25; December 2, 2022