While many of his contemporaries are enjoying a little rest and relaxation, 94-year-old Gene Roelfsema is still snapping on his bright red bike helmet each day, and challenging kids a fraction… [...]

Budget cuts threaten to end the University of Wyoming’s graduate study in creative writing, a program with a proud history and a deep network of alumni in and outside the state. [...]

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Sheridan County Commission [...]

Sophie, Poppy, Rockie, Bandet and Peebs the sheep are used to visitors coming through the gate with goat cookies and carrots in their hands. But on one particular day it was different — there … [...]

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A bill authorizing a statewide real estate transfer tax has been voted down weeks before the general session is slated to begin. [...]

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When a company produces electricity using coal, natural gas or renewable energy in Wyoming, it needs a way of transporting that power to customers, both in the state and beyond. [...]

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Starting Dec. 1, folks will be able to sign up online for Antelope Butte Mountain Recreation Area Winter Camps and the first session of the First Chair and Second Chair programs. [...]