Laura Lehan, principal consultant at Peak Consulting, sits at her desk.

Laura Lehan, principal consultant at Peak Consulting in Sheridan, outlined tangible steps business leaders can take to create a better — or great — work environment for employees.

■ Train your frontline managers so they can successfully lead their staff.

■ Provide opportunities for employee development whether informal or formal.

■ Provide employees the tools and resources to do their jobs.

■ Let your employees participate in the decision. They don’t need to make the decision, but they should feel valued when asked for their feedback.

■ Lead by example. If you have values and expectations you are asking your employees to live by, then you need to clearly communicate what those expectations are and also live by them.

■ Build a congruent culture and hire individuals who fit that culture. Set clear expectations so staff can perform well within that culture. Address employees who are not performing or supporting the culture through their behavior and recognize the employees who are.

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