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The three respondents were current contractor Rocky Mountain Ambulance; national company American Medical Response, Inc; and a new regional contractor known as the Northeastern Wyoming Ambulan… [...]

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For a total of four seasons, the Sheridan Hawks hockey team has been tightrope walking on a fine line of $300 between breaking even with finances and falling short. Due to the fact that it is … [...]

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Lorrie Ledgerwood teaches a deep water class in the mornings three days a week, and just days after retiring from her on-staff position, was back as a volunteer. [...]

The joint committee has conducted months of research into how the land trust would be structured, what types of housing would be created and how other Wyoming communities have addressed the ne… [...]

Living where the mountains are just out of one’s backyard provides an abundance of opportunities to get fresh air and explore. From long trails that allow for time in the backcountry to short … [...]

What about getting nutritional meals and exercise during the summer season? Wouldn’t it be nice if those resources were as easy to find as the ice cream truck? [...]

Check out what meetings are planned in Sheridan County.  [...]