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Bighorn Audubon Society purchased land in the Powder Horn, pictured July 28, 2020, thanks to generous donations from community members.

SHERIDAN — The Bighorn Audubon Society will not host its monthly birding at The Brinton but recently purchased land in the Powder Horn. 

Due to the rise in COVID-19 cases, Bighorn Audubon will not host its monthly birding event at The Brinton Museum Saturday. 

For more information, call The Brinton Museum at 307-672-3173 or email the audubon at bighornaudubon@gmail.com

The group also recently purchased a property that includes wetlands in the Powder Horn housing area in Big Horn. 

“Our goal is to develop a plan in coordination with the Powder Horn to landscape with native plant species; thus improving already critical habitat," said Jenny Williams, conservation chair for Bighorn Audubon. "Birds have co-evolved with native plants and need them; over 90% of terrestrial birds in North America rely on insects for their young. Many of the plants we plant in our yards are non-native, and do not supply the necessary resources for birds, which shows the importance of native landscaping as a key tool in maintaining our bird populations.” 

The group was able to purchase the land because of several donations, including former owners and audubon members Don and Mary Miech; Marie Lowe who donated from the proceeds of the sale; and president of the Powder Horn Homeowner's Association Steve Johnson, who provided support and guidance during the process. 

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