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SHERIDAN — The Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation is investigating an incident at the Sheridan County Detention Center, based on allegations from a woman arrested May 19.

Teresa Hendrix was cited on suspicion of reckless endangering, DUI, driving under suspension, speeding and interference with a peace officer May 19.

Hendrix pleaded guilty to all charges in Sheridan County Circuit Court May 21. She was released from the SCDC May 23, according to Sheridan County Sheriff Allen Thompson.

Hendrix publicly alleged on social media that law enforcement raped and assaulted her, leading to broken bones and other internal injuries.

According to an affidavit of probable cause filed by Wyoming Highway Patrol Officer Kristin Wetherbee, a vehicle traveling at a high speed came up behind Wetherbee’s patrol car on Interstate 90 eastbound May 19 — clocked using rear radar at 121 mph in a 75 mph zone.

Wetherbee observed swerving from the left to right lane before the vehicle parked at mile marker 15. The driver, later identified as Hendrix, said she was traveling to Hardin, Montana.

Preliminary observations and field sobriety testing indicated Hendrix was driving while impaired. Wetherbee’s report claims Hendrix became uncooperative when placed under arrest and refused to answer any additional questions.

WHP Capt. Jason Green said Hendrix was noncompliant but not combative on the way to the SCDC, though she made unusual “zany comments” during transport. A portable breath test returned a blood-alcohol level of .18%, Green said.

Hendrix provided an image of a form signed May 22, showing her consent to a sexual assault examination and evidence collection at Sheridan Memorial Hospital — results will be sent to DCI. Radiology exams including a CT scan for head and pelvis and X-rays of hand and hip were listed as completed due to complaints of pain. A drug screen and urine sample were collected.

Hendrix later clarified with The Sheridan Press the broken bones and sexual assault occurred on separate days.

Hendrix denied claims that she was disruptive and uncooperative at the hospital and asserted the charge of interference with a peace officer was her resistance to being raped. Hendrix admitted to punching a door at the jail when, by her recollection, three officers beat her to the ground.

Hendrix said she was unconscious for part of the incident but awoke during the assault — she cannot recall if the incident occurred before arriving at the SCDC or while she was incarcerated. She described severe pain due to a pelvic break from the alleged assault.

Photos of patient information from SMH provided by Hendrix to The Sheridan Press, but not verified by SMH, show Hendrix’ diagnosis as alleged assault with multiple bruises, pelvic pain, pubic ramus fracture, sacral fracture and self-inflicted injury. A section of her diagnosis was redacted.

Sheridan Memorial Hospital’s Alan Dubberley said SMH can neither confirm nor deny details regarding patient information, including whether a patient was treated at this time.

Thompson denied any wrongdoing by SCSO staff but asked the Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation to investigate any potential criminal action while SCSO performs an internal review of policy and procedure during Hendrix’ booking into the jail.

A search warrant was granted for a blood draw but Hendrix declined to move from her jail cell or get dressed, according to Wetherbee’s report. Prior to terminating the blood draw, officers learned Hendrix had previously been treated for schizophrenia — Hendrix denies ever having been diagnosed.

Thompson said he will refrain from releasing additional details to media until DCI has a chance to perform an independent investigation.



*Editor’s note: This article has been updated to reflect the most up-to-date information. 


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