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SHERIDAN — While Sheridan County posted a copy of a public health order requiring masks in public spaces, the order has not yet been signed by Wyoming State Health Officer Dr. Alexia Harrist.

For a local public health order to go into effect, the county health officer must first request approval from Harrist, who has approved orders in Teton, Laramie and Albany counties. 

According to Jennifer Graves, COVID-19 public information officer for Sheridan County, the order has not been approved by the state.

The order has been signed by Sheridan County Public Health Officer Dr. Ian Hunter. If the state OKs the order, it would require all persons within Sheridan County wear a face covering in certain public settings — such as:

• when inside or in line to enter any retail or commercial business or government facility open to the public.

• when obtaining services at or visiting health care facilities, including but not limited to hospitals, clinics, walk-in health facilities, dentists, pharmacies, blood banks, other health care facilities, behavioral health providers, facilities providing veterinary and similar health care services for animals.

• when waiting for or riding public transportation or paratransit, or while they are riding in a taxi, private car service, shuttle, tour or ride-sharing vehicle. The driver shall also wear a face covering when passengers are in the vehicle.

In addition, the order would require businesses and government facilities open to the general public to post notices stating that face coverings are required and that all all employees, owners and volunteers of such places will wear masks when interacting with the public or when working in an area visited by the public — such as reception areas, grocery store isles and other areas.

Minors will not be required to wear face coverings, though those over the age of 3 will be encouraged to wear one. Additional exemptions are also listed.

For a full copy of the health order being proposed, see the Sheridan County website.

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