sheridan record-setting heat 107 degrees

A weather application shows Sheridan’s temperature at 3:28 p.m. Tuesday hitting 107 degrees Fahrenheit. Sheridan hit its record high, according to the National Weather Service Billings Office. 

SHERIDAN — Sheridan broke records with the heat yesterday. 

The 107-degree Fahrenheit peak earned Sheridan its all-time hottest day in history, according to U.S. National Weather Service Billings Office. 

Brandenberg, Montana, was the hottest in the region at 111 degrees, hitting its second-hottest day in history. 

A "cool front" swept in Tuesday evening, bringing temperatures back down to 85 degrees as a high for Wednesday. While dry conditions are expected the rest of the week, weather officials expect a chance of showers and cooler air for Saturday night and Sunday. 

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