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First Responders answer calls all over Sheridan on account of power outages, fallen tree limbs and poor road conditions Tuesday, Oct. 12, 2021.

SHERIDAN — The weather outside was frightful Tuesday morning, but the city of Sheridan didn’t slow down.

While the Sheridan County Courthouse was closed, Sheridan City Hall was open and operational Tuesday morning. City Administrator Stuart McRae said city hall was briefly reliant on backup power early Tuesday morning, but the city was humming along as usual by 10 a.m.

“Phones were down, everything was down, but it was just temporary,” McRae said. “Our computers have gone down about three or four times, but they seem to be pretty stable now. It’s just a little bit of inconvenience honestly. Nothing too bad.”

Local businesses also kept going despite the snow falling outside. Tami Jelly, postal worker in Sheridan, said the post office had been without power and internet for three hours. Jelly said postal delivery was delayed due to the weather, but they were in process of getting people on their routes.

“Everyone’s behind today, but they’re hitting the roads,” Jelly said.

Next door at First Northern Bank of Wyoming, lead branch service representative Amber Stones said the power outage and blizzard had not prevented them from opening and serving their customers.

“We were pretty much ready to roll by the time our drive-thru and lobby opened at 8,” Stones said.

McRae said anyone who has lived in Sheridan for a while has learned to keep rolling despite the snow, the power outages and inconveniences. But he admitted some recent transplants to the area may have woken up to a major surprise this morning.

“We had a gal from California who moved into our neighborhood last year,” McRae said. “We got this sort of snow, and the house went up for sale the next day. It takes a special kind of person to thrive in this kind of weather, and luckily we have a town full of them.”

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