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Sheridan City Council will vote whether to annex 175.56 acres of the Story House property, pictured Thursday, May 25, 2023. The annexation will require three rounds of approval from council.

SHERIDAN — The city is currently in the process of annexing the Story House property, which would extend city limits to surround the property.

The annexed lot is the shape of a backward C, extends 175.56 acres and is located at 2423 E. Fifth Street. Current proposals have the lot broken down into several uses. Currently, 24.56 acres are planned for commercial use. There will be 150 residential lots on the property and 73 acres are planned for residential use. There are 52 acres set aside for park land and open space; 26 acres are currently designated as “other,” which would allow construction of various buildings, including a school.


Joseph Beaudet started as the government reporter for The Sheridan Press in February 2023. 

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