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CASPER — Health officials are aware of 15 ongoing situations involving COVID-19 at Wyoming long-term care facilities as of Thursday. A week ago, only seven such facilities were in that position. In total, 19 assisted-living facilities or nursing homes have reported positive COVID-19 cases since the pandemic emerged here in March, according to figures kept by the state.

Wyoming Department of Health spokesperson Kim Deti listed the 19 facilities via email Thursday. Seven of the 15 facilities with “ongoing situations” have reported cases for the first time within the last week, two facilities were previously considered resolved and four facilities were on the list last week, but have reported new cases to the state since Oct. 6. Two of those facilities have reported a COVID-19 death since Oct. 6.

Since that data, 14 facilities have reported new cases, according to the health department.

They are: Sundance Assisted Living, LifeCare of Cheyenne, Willow Creek Assisted Living, Weston County Manor, New Horizons Care Center, Casper Mountain Rehabilitation and Care Center, St. Johns Living Center, Douglas Care Center, Legacy Living and Rehabilitation Center, Laramie Care Center, Goshen Healthcare Community, Granite Rehabilitation and Wellness, Garden Square Assisted Living and Shepherd of the Valley Rehabilitation and Wellness. New Horizons and Legacy Living Center had previously been marked resolved by the state.

The 15 facilities may not all have active COVID-19 cases, Deti wrote in the email. She said those facilities where outbreaks are still considered active may not mean cases are still widespread at the facility, but that rounds of follow-up testing are still ongoing.

The new surge of cases in long-term care facilities matches a surge of cases statewide. In early September, Wyoming cases began spiking at a rate that dwarfed the previous spikes that had peaked in late July and late August. While those two spikes never resulted in an average of even 50 confirmed cases per day, the state averaged more than 100 new confirmed cases per day over the latter part of the month.

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