Cancer screening and preventive care are important aspects of overall health. Screenings look for cancer before a person has symptoms. If caught early, many cancers are much more treatable and… [...]

The home stretch of 2020 is upon us. After a disastrous spring and a turbulent summer, what does the second half of fall and winter have in store for the local travel and tourism economy? Abou… [...]

Quick tests, PCR tests, saliva tests, antigen tests, and so on. What is the best test to detect COVID-19? Why can’t I get a quick test with results in 15 minutes? Why aren’t quick tests availa… [...]

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Living amid a pandemic this past year has been challenging for all of us, and although we are not out of the woods, on behalf of the hospital, we want to say thank you for the tremendous suppo… [...]

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My observations of the relationship between children and technology are grim, and it has surfaced in every child-parent relationship I encounter. [...]

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Whether it’s for your kids, grandkids, great-grandkids, brothers, sisters, parents or especially for yourself, and whatever issues are important to you, deVOTE yourself to casting a ballot. It… [...]

Because we're wrapping up National Newspaper Week, The Sheridan Press publisher shared some of the comments left by those who donated to the COVID-19 Local News Fund earlier this year. [...]

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Pioneers of the western era were a unique sort of people, the likes of which haven’t been seen since. They were industrious, ambitious, and adventurous. Many traveled cross-country to move to … [...]

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Now more than ever, people are feeling the need to connect with others and know that they are not alone in their situations. Caregivers are particularly prone to feelings of isolation and bein… [...]

If you’re considering whether you want a pet, reach out today. You can help a local nonprofit, an animal in need of love and yourself all at the same time. [...]

In the late 1920’s, Sheridan County seemed to experience a shift in the type of person running for the office of sheriff. In the first 35 years, we had 13 different sheriffs with an average te… [...]

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Technological addiction is as real as excessive gambling or drinking, and it’s OK and acceptable to admit you need help and seek people out. [...]

Braver Angels was inspired by the words of Abraham Lincoln, who not only called on us as Americans to summon the “better angels” of our nature to overcome the passions that strain but called o… [...]