Mandy Fabel

“Before you get to the top anchor, go ahead and let go so you know what it feels like to fall and have the rope catch you.” These words came from my now-husband and climbing partner as I was learning to lead climb 15 years ago. My thoughts started churning in a tornado of fear, “What?! I just did the hard part without falling, and now you want me to let go and fall into thin air…ON PURPOSE?”

Brian certainly had more climbing experience than me, plus it is hard to argue with someone yelling at you from 100 feet below. So I took a deep breath and overcame thousands of years of evolution encouraging humans to not let go while dangling on the side of a cliff. My hands released the grip of the limestone rock and I let myself fall backward and away from the cliff.

Mandy Fabel is a Wyoming resident passionate about challenging stereotypes and pushing herself and others to be the best version of themselves. She currently serves as the executive director of Leadership Wyoming and the co-founder of the YouTube channel Granola & Gasoline. She recently turned her first year of columns from The Sheridan Press into a book, “Take What the Road Gives You.”

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