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Deadlines for health care are all over the place.

It seems that this time of year I get lots of calls about health care whether it is Medicare, a Medigap policy or the Marketplace Insurance (aka Affordable Healthcare Act), so I am going to give you some deadlines for open enrollment.

Right now is open enrollment for Medicare D for prescription coverage. Medicare D is what covers your prescriptions — every year from Oct 15 through Dec 7 is the time you should review this coverage. Premiums change, the pharmacy you go to might not be in the plan you have any longer or your drugs might not be on the plan you have.

We recommend that you schedule a time with a WSHIIP volunteer, your pharmacy or even the Financial office for the hospital — they can help you review your plan and make sure it still works for you. There is also the website that has the plans – you put in your information, and you will find a good comparison for all the plans available in the area.

If you like what you have and it works with your pharmacy, the drugs you take are covered and the co pays work for you, you don’t have to do anything, just keep things as they are. If you are just turning 65 you have a special enrollment period three months before your birthday, the month of your birthday and three months after your birthday so there is no need to panic.

Nov. 1 through Jan. 15 is open enrollment for the marketplace insurance. If you have had a life-changing event, such as income dropping, losing a job and with it health insurance, a marriage or divorce or you just want health insurance, Nov. 1 through Jan. 15 is the time to contact a navigator to help you with the process. 

I am one. Call 307-461-9099 or email me at You can also call 211 and they can refer you to other navigators, or you can go online to to fill out an application and see the rates available. Navigators don’t sell insurance, we just help you through the process.

Medicare generally pays 80% of your health care costs, so we recommend a Medigap or supplemental plan to go with Medicare A and B — deadlines for this is January through March 31. Senior citizens insurance has wonderful Medigap guide that explains it very well; that website is

The Hub on Smith can also refer you to someone that can help answer your questions; just call 307-672-2240.

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