Sheridan City Hall stock

Sheridan City Clerk Cecilia Good said the city has encountered minimal difficulties navigating public records exemption definitions and conversations with the state public records ombudsman have been positive since her appointment in September 2019.

Sheridan City Council has long debated its own compensation, and the compensation of the mayor. The body’s vote earlier this month to finally increase city councilors’ salaries acknowledges the time and effort each elected councilor dedicates to the office, but it still has hurdles to clear.

First, a little history. In 2018, then-Mayor Roger Miller proposed increasing the mayor’s salary to $48,000 in the first term, $54,000 in the second term and $60,000 in the third term. The proposal also would have increased city councilors’ salaries to $8,000 a year during their first term, $12,000 a year in their second term and $16,000 a year in their third term.

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