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The Fear and Loathing Where the Buffalo Roam artist co-op gallery features a variety of different mediums including ceramics, paintings, handmade candles and more Friday, Nov. 19, 2021. Hunter Quarterman, owner of co-op art gallery Fear and Loathing Where the Buffalo Roam, hopes to give budding and established artists a low commission rate to help them make a profit from their work and expand the co-op gallery into a non-profit that offers art-based classes, like leather carving, glass blowing and pottery, to the public.

'Tis the season. As people hurry about in search of gifts, many will remark on the need to support and shop local. 

Small business owners will thrive on the business from the holiday season. Many use the revenues from the weeks leading up to holidays as a way to sustain through leaner months that follow. 

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