Not surprisingly, the Democrats’ cannons have now become trained on the Senate’s Filibuster Rule. In order to nationalize the scheme they used in the swing states in 2020, they need to pass th… [...]

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We made it through one of the most unqualified and unsympathetic administrations in American history. Our MAGA president was elected only by promising to return America to some utopian past, b… [...]

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For countless leaders the world over, the time that passed between March 2020 and May 2021 will be remembered as frustrating, exhausting and complicated. For 40 lucky Wyomingites, however, the… [...]

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Freedom is under assault in America. The border has been thrown wide open. Our rights and the electoral process are under attack. We need our state representatives to act boldly and pass legis… [...]

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I contracted COVID-19 and was hospitalized on my third visit to Urgent Care. I then spent three days in the hospital. This illness lasted for approximately two weeks and I was very sick. [...]

Since your inauguration Jan. 20, 2021, you and your handlers have raced, at breakneck speed, to weaken and destroy the United States. Why? Ruthlessly, you have attacked America's energy indust… [...]

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Dave Kinskey has co-sponsored the latest version of the zombie "repeal of gun free zones" bill currently working its way through the Wyoming Legislature. This version of the bill seems more li… [...]

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I want to thank Sens. Troy McKeown, R-Gillette, and Bo Biteman, R-Parkman, also Sen. Cheri Steinmetz, R-Lingle, and Lynn Hutchings, R-Cheyenne, for their support of Senate File 80.  [...]

The Republican Party must unhitch its wagon from Donald Trump. Trump’s time has passed. Republicans need to rebuild the party by encouraging the many capable leaders in the party to "test the … [...]

I am a fourth-generation Wyomingite. In my nearly 60 years, I've watched our economy ebb and flow. This downturn is different — it's due to renewable energy technologies subsuming fossil fuels… [...]

I feel fortunate to live in Sheridan County, and I am sure I'm not alone. Many of the nicest people live in our county, and a large number of them are employed by Sheridan Memorial Hospital. [...]

As the nation delves deeper into the Biden administration, I'm finding historical connections between President Joe Biden and his predecessors. [...]