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House Bill 37 would establish a road usage charge based on the number of miles driven and the type of vehicle driven. [...]

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The “Coronavirus Vaccine” article in the weekend edition (Jan. 16, 2021) was broad, informative. The reporter left no stone unturned and provided readers with every piece of Sheridan County in… [...]

Darren Rogers believes Wyoming needs people in Congress who understand civics, respect the United States Constitution and who have enough intelligence and integrity to not join frivolous and s… [...]

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One letter writer wishes the U.S. Forest Service could find a "middle ground" or balance on a decision regarding road closures. [...]

After reading your article on Bo Biteman, I was appalled at his and our other representatives, Dave Kinskey and Mark Jennings, actions toward the past election. He asks that President Trump ge… [...]

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I am a lifetime Wyoming resident from a family that has lived here for over 100 years. As a registered Republican, I am ashamed of the behavior of the current RINOs, namely our United States s… [...]