COVID vaccine

Sheridan Memorial Hospital’s Clinical Nurse Supervisor Rikki Stewart prepares to administer a COVID-19 vaccine to a patient Thursday, Jan. 2021.

Do we not all deserve decent health care?

I would like to publicly thank my state representative, Mark Kinner, for listening to the people he serves and voting to advance HB 162, Medicaid expansion. In his comments on the floor Rep. Kinner made it clear that, although he previously didn’t support the bill, he had changed his mind and that it was the right thing to do and the right time to do it. I hope both Senators Dave Kinskey and Bo Biteman will follow his example.

Wyoming has been looking for a way to help our lower-income friends and neighbors get access to health care for years. The federal government now wants to partner with us (actually share the greater burden) to get this done. What baffles me is why Rep. Kinner is alone among Sheridan County legislators. We are a small, tight knit community and I consider all of them as “my representatives.” 

Rep. Mark Jennings and Rep. Cyrus Western, your districts contain most of the people who would benefit from the expansion. Can either of you give me one valid reason to refuse this lifeline? We have thousands of people, right here in Wyoming, who need help; families who defer medical treatment until the situation is dire. We pay the price for that as taxpayers and they — the uninsured — pay the bigger price with a lifetime of suboptimal health.

Do we not all deserve decent health care? Mr. Jennings, Mr. Western — please tell us: Why?


Susan Clinch


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