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Concerned parents and local residents packed the board room, as well as adjacent hallways, to voice their opposition to a mask requirement approved by the Sheridan County School District 2 Board of Trustees at a special meeting Monday, Aug. 30, 2021. The policy update will go into effect Tuesday, the first day of classes for the local school district.

Hats off to the Sheridan County School District 2 Board of Trustees and great job to The Sheridan Press on the front page of Wednesday's paper stating the essential conflict facing this nation.

Just below the banner headline pertaining to "record COVID-19 hospitalizations to SMH" is an in-depth article depicting what some might consider to be a cause-effect dynamic to this social conundrum that has sorely divided our nation and its people. 

Knowing these comments will be met with a range of resentment by folks I respect, it does seem to me that "the health care decisions for our children should be ours to make" attitude is shortsighted when compared to the scientifically proven injuries to so many other children and adults that result in this attitude. 

I believe we have an instinctive, if not spiritual, need to consider the welfare of our neighbors in our decision making, and I applaud our school board for doing this. 

Stuart S. Healy


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