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Did anyone else notice the irony on page A8 of the Nov.12, 2020 Sheridan Press? The headline just above the fold reads “Health care providers must view all patients as potentially having COVID-19." The article details the ongoing surge in cases and strain on health care workers in Sheridan.

Above the headline is a large photograph of at least 10 people, shoulder to shoulder, in a bar, glasses raised in a toast, with broad, uncovered smiles. How hard is it to see that the behavior in the photograph is contributing to the sorrow of the story in the article?

I continue to be amazed with the photographs in the Press from events around our community. There is so much good going on, but why aren’t people practicing behaviors that protect themselves and those around them? So few people in community photos are practicing social distancing or covering their faces. It breaks my heart to see such limited practice of commonly accepted practices that help protect all of us.

Susan Holmes


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