I object to the vacation of a part of Carbon Hill Road. The road was established in 1892. The road was used to haul asphalt for the Sheridan County Airport runway project in 1992. The road starts on airport property in Section 5, Township 55, Range 84. When the road was established in 1892, the petition was signed by 41 people. Among them, E.A. Whitney, Burgess, Brooks, Swaim, Conrad, Moline, Morrow, Moore, Farnham and Robinson. In 1892, Sheridan was to be the railroad's destination, not Big Horn. The Bozeman Trail passed through Big Horn along the escarpment from south to north to Beckton, some 10 miles from Sheridan.

The 8.5 mile Carbon Hill Road travels southwest from the airport to Beckton. In 1892, businessmen and ranchers needed a more practical road than the old Bozeman Trail. Moline had a flour mill in Beckton. Farnham had a sawmill in Sheridan where the present Mill Park is located. Whitney was a banker and Conrad a storekeeper. The Carbon Hill County Road still exists and is on the present Bighorn National Forest map. Some of the road was renamed the Beckton Hall Road, a small portion relocated and an extension was vacated.

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