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I read Vera Cole's diatribe in Saturday's (Oct. 3) Sheridan Press and felt that I needed to respond to it.

Ms. Cole's description of the debate indicated that she thought President Trump was treated unfairly and that the questions posed were tilted toward Joe Biden.

I looked at it from another vantage point in that the questions were such that, if they were answered truthfully and fully, a voter might have a better grasp of how each candidate stood on the topic.

The rules of debate are such that a question is posed and the first person answers it to the best of his ability and then the second person answers. In a real debate, the person speaking is allowed the courtesy of setting forth his views with no interruptions. President Trump's team had agreed to that simple rule and yet the president broke that rule from the get go. President Trump was extremely discourteous to Joe Biden. When the moderator tried to get President Trump to please stop interrupting, Trump accused him of being on Biden's side.

The debate did inform me that Trump couldn't play by the rules if his life depended on it. He informed me that he isn't worth my vote.

Bob Krumm


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