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Big Horn’s Jax Zimmer (18) finds a big hole on the right side of the field and runs for a first down against Torrington Friday, Oct. 2, 2020. The Rams were victorious over the Trailblazers 17-7.

This is in response to Alan Taylor’s letter published Oct. 8 regarding coverage of Sheridan Bronc football. First of all, congratulations on graduating from SHS and being still interested in their football team.

I wonder if you realize that Sheridan County has four high schools, three of which have football teams. Students athletes from all schools practice as hard as the others, love their schools and deserve recognition just as much as SHS. While they may be smaller in size, that doesn’t make them less valuable than SHS athletes.

Fans from all schools want to see their team’s pictures and articles about them as well. They are all residents of this county, and The Sheridan Press is the only newspaper.

Believe it or not, SHS gets most of the recognition, I can tell you that for sure. How do you think the athletes feel from smaller schools when they play at home and only get a paragraph and, if lucky, maybe a small picture?

The weekend to which I believe you were referring, SHS played away from home while Big Horn played at home. Big Horn beat a team that was ranked higher than they are and won! It was also homecoming. I hope this helps you understand a little better about the other school athletes in this county and not begrudge them some coverage. Thank you!

Pat Wolfe


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