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Election judges play an integral role in the process of Wyoming elections.

In the Oct. 6 edition of The Sheridan Press, fifth columnist Dana Milbank resumed his constant whining about President Trump. Milbank seemed upset about President Trump showing courage after his COVID diagnosis.

Apparently, Milbank expected President Trump to hide in his basement, like Joe Biden. Milbank forgot about Democrat President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who reminded the American people during World War II, "The only thing to fear, is fear itself."

The Democrats want the American people to live in fear. They want us to depend upon authoritarian Democrats to control every facet of our lives, from cradle to grave.

In the recently-concluded presidential and vice presidential debates, the two "moderators" clearly sided with the Democrats. If Bob Krumm can't see this, I will gladly refer him to a wonderful, local ophthalmologist. They can help him see what he could see, if only his eyes were open.

At last count, 350,000 dead Americans are registered to vote in 41 states. This is how the Democrats plan to win.

John Fafoutakis


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