campaign signs

Campaign signs hang from a fence in Sheridan County in 2018.

This is a hard time for all of us in this nation as we face the challenges of a pandemic and an election that has become more divisive than any in my memory.

It is at this time that we need to come together to make this country a beacon to the world in terms of tolerance, freedom, equality and respect for each other. I know many of you and appreciate the gifts that you bring to our community. It has been my pleasure to work and live here.

Having said that, I am disturbed that my right of free expression has been taken from me when last night two political signs were taken from my lawn. This is not what I expect from anyone in this city, but it has happened. Not only that, it has happened to my neighbors as well both last night and the night before.

We must be able to have our voices heard and respected even when others disagree with our point of view. This is one of the foundations of our system.

Please consider what this means for our system of government as you approach this election.

Judy McDowell


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