Main Street

Drivers pass through Sheridan’s historic downtown. 

When elected and spiritual leaders in our communities attack the underpinnings of a civic community from teachers, librarians and secular non-profits involved in humanitarian aid, we have the actions of an authoritarian community. Likewise, we create an absolute theocracy when elected, and spiritual leaders upend public education financing to underwrite private sectarian education without oversight. Nothing less than a scattering of Madrassas for a White Christian Nationalist Nation. This show is currently running in Campbell County, and we in Sheridan County are next.

According to an article in the Idaho Statesman, recently an audience member asked organizer and founder Charles Kirk at a Turning Point USA rally in Idaho, “When do we get to use the guns?” — to applause and cheers from many in the audience, the man continued, “That’s not a joke. I’m not saying it like that. I mean, literally, where is the line? How many elections are they going to steal before we kill these people?” Thinking I was a compatriot at Sheridan tavern last year, over a beer, a stranger to me declared once his son was back from overseas, they needed to kill all the Democrats.

According to national and statewide news reports, wealthy rightist donor Susan Gore of Cheyenne was a key financier of a years-long effort to spy on Wyoming Democrats and Republicans. Members of our Sheridan County legislative delegation have been supported by the myriad of front organizations financed by Gore. The training for the operation was held on industrial mercenary Erik Prince’s property near Cody and was led by former espionage operators. Not one of the local legislators publicly addressed the terror operation. The two exposed agents were married in Big Horn. So they have a supporting nest here.

All three of these elements of a coming violent authoritarian state are here in Northeast Wyoming. Unfortunately, too many of us are deflecting from confronting this storm. The thugs are on the march right up Main Street in Sheridan. It is time to stand up for our community and state by calling them out.

Rob Davidson


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