09-24-2020 Mayoral Debate_AS 003.jpg

City Councilman and mayoral candidate Rich Bridger delivers his opening statement during the debate with incumbent Mayor Roger Miller at the WYO Performing Arts and Education Center Wednesday, Sept. 23, 2020.

I have known Richard Bridger, candidate for mayor, for many years. Rich is the perfect guy for the job of mayor of Sheridan. 

He knows and understands the people of Sheridan. In addition to growing up here, he has volunteered countless hours to improving the community. He has served on the school board for three terms, Sheridan City Council for 3.5 years both having been elected by wide margins every time. Rich has been an asset to the Sheridan Recreation District for 29 years in various roles. Rich is the kind of guy who gets things done, he has a vision for Sheridan, and he will listen to the people.

I hope all my friends and neighbors will join me in supporting Richard Bridger for mayor at the general election Nov. 3. He will be the kind of mayor Sheridan needs right now.

Yvonne Perry


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