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Mike Dunn | The Sheridan Press

Donald Trump speaks to supporters in May 2016 in Billings. 

I was interested reading the article by Craig Vogt “Trump misquotes” which was in response to my article “Misquoting President Trump." If President Trump is a “failed businessman” why is he reportedly a billionaire? Remember he’s now working as a volunteer — no salary. 

In January the medical community, Ms. Pelosi nor Mr. Biden were that alarmed and no doubt President Trump was being advised by experts. Opposed by Ms. Pelosi and other politicians, President Trump’s first action was to close the airports to China. Dr. Fauci said this action probably saved millions of lives. He immediately set up a commission with Vice President Pence leading. All states in need received help from the federal government to deal with their needs.  Pharmaceuticals were put on a fast track to get a drug to combat the virus.

Promises made and kept by President Trump:

  • He would put America back to work. Prior to Covid 19 we had great unemployment numbers.
  • He would lower taxes. Taxes lowered.
  • He’d stem the tide of illegals. Illegal immigration is being stopped by a wall. Existing illegals are being deported in record numbers.
  • He would strengthen our armed forces and take care of veterans. Service personnel have received a raise and gotten needed equipment. He is bringing our service people home from foreign countries. Veterans’ hospital facilities are being held accountable and are able to help our war heroes get faster medical service (I know this from personal experience).
  • He would work to get businesses back to the U.S.A. Regulations were lifted and their taxes were lowered.
  • President Trump said our safety (from foreign and domestic enemies) would be his top priority. Foreign enemies have been eliminated and local law enforcement has been encouraged. During the recent BLM anarchy, President Trump has spoken against their behavior and, when allowed by the state governors, has successfully stopped the riots. These peaceful demonstrations are not peaceful and are still destroying to this day yet we do not hear anything about this in the mainstream news — even this newspaper. They are being headed by Marxists who hate America and are determined to overthrow our form of government. I’m sure you would agree that people who go to “peaceful demonstrations” do not accost and kill and/or injure police officers and private citizens, start fires and destroy private and public property, carry weapons, bricks, clubs, etc.
  • He would move the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem. It is moved!
  • He would appoint Constitutional judges to the bench.  He has appointed over 300 judges and Judge Barrett is in the process to go on the United States Supreme Court.

This was accomplished in spite of having to deal with an unsuccessful attempt to remove him from office and fighting with the Democrats, Never Trumper Republicans (I call them RINOs — Republican in name only) and the mainstream news media at almost every turn.

In my mind, President Donald J. Trump deserves my vote.

Lorraine Hand


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