I am a fourth-generation Wyomingite. In my nearly 60 years, I've watched our economy ebb and flow. This downturn is different — it's due to renewable energy technologies subsuming fossil fuels due to the decreasing cost of these technologies. As I see it, it's time for us to face the music, not attempt to kill an industry that is supporting our Wyoming communities in a very real way,

As I write, five local electricians and apprentices are working to install our new solar system. Several of these are former coal workers, training to become providers of solar energy. Our family is paying more than $1,000 in sales tax for our system. We're talking real money. Solar is creating jobs, plain and simple. Coal — not so much.

Regardless of what our beliefs are, the global demand for coal, oil and gas is decreasing. Are we going to cling to disappearing industries, or are we going to innovate and adapt as our ancestors have always done in this great state of ours?

Senate File 16 is a solution looking for a problem. The argument that non-solar users are subsidizing solar users is not based in reality, but is an attempt by out-of-state utilities to control our electrical grid. Solar users provide stability and value to the grid. Please do not listen to these corporations. Contact your legislators and ask them to support solar by voting no on SF16. Thanks!

Sarah Mentock


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