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Misquotes! Trump is hard to quote as he tweets one thing in the morning and by afternoon changes it.

He did say — roughly — COVID is no big deal. To all the people who died and the rising number of sick — with countries with less wealth than ours having it under control — because our leader said in January on TV that there were only a small number and we have it under control. Our rate is double number of our neighbor to the north.

He has told so many lies, even during the debate, that you can’t even keep track of them. I am a newcomer to Wyoming, only one-third of my life here, but it amazes me as a Republican how closed minded folks can be and not look at the facts of what he has destroyed.

I voted for him in 2016; I thought a business perspective might be good. I did not really know what a failed “businessman” he is.

I have already cast my vote for Joe Biden in Wyoming via secure mail-in ballot system. Suck it up and get rid of a president that doesn’t understand traditional Republican ideals. U.S. will not survive four more years of this mess.

Craig Vogt


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