12.24.2021 - Hub lunch.jpg

Trudy Brooks smiles for a photo after receiving her Chrismas Eve lunch at the Hub on Smith Friday, Dec. 24, 2021. The luncheon included ham, scalloped potatoes and vegetables.

It has been many years since I have put pen to paper for a cause, but here goes. I volunteer at The Hub (formerly known as the senior center), where they provide lunches for home delivery, in-house dining in their cafeteria and hot lunches served at Heritage Towers.

Heritage Towers is a lovely senior housing facility with a cafeteria where seniors can have lunch, visit with their neighbors, play cards and have birthday parties. Their tables are set up with table cloths, real silverware, condiments, coffee, tea, iced tea and water. A great number of seniors are not able to get over to The Hub for meals due to no transportation, limited mobility or health issues. Having their own cafeteria is very important.

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