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I've recently noticed an increasing number of Democrat letters to the editor, where the author resorts to their tried and lied claims of "conspiracy theory" when discussing political topics. It is their way to avoid honesty and intellect during the discussion.

They have forgotten their nearly four-year long conspiracy theory about fraudulent Trump-Russia collusion. They forgot about Obama misusing the Department of Justice and the intelligence agencies to try to overthrow a duly elected president, Donald Trump, by using every conceivable lie at their disposal to destroy President Trump.

During this campaign, Joe Biden routinely drew 10-15 supporters at this rallies. President Trump routinely drew 20,000-35,000 supporters at his rallies. Yet, we're to believe Biden won this election, honestly.

Biden's cabinet picks are an interesting lot. Most are decades-long members of the Council on Foreign Relations... the globalists of the New World Order. 

In 1979, the now departed Barry Goldwater warned Americans on page 126 of his book "With No Apologies." Goldwater warned: "The CFR is the American branch of a society which originated in England. Internationalist in viewpoint, the CFR, along with the Atlantic Union movement and the Atlantic Council of the United States, believes national boundaries should be obliterated and one-world rule established."

Dr. Robert Epstein recent discovered Google, and other high-tech giants, cost President Trump over 6 million votes in this election. How does the 200% to 350% voter turnout in heavily Democrat areas of Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Detroit square with the media? How does the media have the audacity to ignore such blatant fraud by Democrats?

At 74, I can remember back to the first Dwight D. Eisenhower versus Adlai E. Stevenson race in 1952. Never before have I witnessed the degree of political corruption, in this race, aided and abetted by the tech giants and the media. 

John Fafoutakis


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