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Feeding deer rarely has any beneficial results and more often, creates undesirable behavioral and biological effects. [...]

At Wyoming Wilderness Association, elevating our education and stewardship pillars over the past few years has not only helped us address the increased use on our public lands, but also expand… [...]

This data, along with other information collected during the movement study, will help wildlife managers better understand the segment of the deer herd summering on the mountain, Thomas said. … [...]

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Despite sturdy branches and stems intruding on the double-track trail and scraping the side of Rob Koelling’s new pickup truck, he kept pressing forward through areas 8 and 9 in the Yellowtail… [...]

In 2020, after several complaints of animal carcasses at Mosier Gulch Recreation Area near Buffalo, the Bureau of Land Management and Wyoming Game and Fish Department partnered to install two … [...]

I made my first basket when I was 11 or 12 years old. One summer afternoon my mom called me outside and said we were going for a drive. I knew better than to ask where, and got in the car. I c… [...]

The programs include activities for all experience levels beginning at age 7. Costs for the programs range from $200 to $300, depending on whether participants already have a season pass. [...]

Visitors should come to the mountain prepared —  physically and supply-wise, according to Christy Lohof, ski patrol and snowsports school director for the Antelope Butte Foundation. [...]

Since this time of year can be challenging for many outdoor enthusiasts, I thought I’d try to brighten up your weekend by offering a list of activities you have to look forward to once the snow flies. [...]

As long summer days become short, cold nights leading into fall and winter, many glamping hotspots in northern Wyoming and Montana close after a busy Labor Day weekend to slumber through winte… [...]

The World Series has been the pinnacle of baseball since 1903. Each year baseball fans root for their team all season, hoping it might be their year. Through wild card games, playoffs and Amer… [...]

The rewards of protecting life, property and natural resources help bring our firefighters back each day. Next time you see a wildland firefighter please thank them for what they do.  [...]