Applying leaves to your garden is probably the single, best thing you can do to improve the health and productivity of your soil. When added to your garden, leaves feed earthworms and benefici… [...]

Parks and recreation are community services that contribute to what makes Sheridan a great place to live. Providing accessible park facilities and affordable recreation programs develops an ac… [...]

The Bighorn Mountains are getting an extra dose of beauty this fall as the days become colder and shorter and leaves on trees turn vibrant reds, oranges and yellows. [...]

Fall is one of the best times of the year to visit the Bighorn National Forest. If you haven’t already visited Walker Prairie, Forest System Trail 014, you may want to add it to your hiking or… [...]

As hunters take to the field this fall, Wyoming Game and Fish is reminding sportsmen and women that they have a big part to play in reducing the spread of invasive plants and annual grasses, w… [...]

It is no secret that people love riding bikes in Sheridan. If you drive around town on a nice day or head to Kendrick Park, you are guaranteed to see at least 10 people riding bikes.  [...]

With hunting seasons getting underway across Wyoming, Game and Fish officials are reminding hunters to consult a current copy of regulations for the species they intend to hunt and familiarize… [...]

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To help hunters with producing samples from harvested game, Wyoming Game and Fish Department Public Information Specialist Christina Schmidt and Wildlife Biologist Tim Thomas provided answers … [...]

During the late summer and autumn months, employees of the Wyoming Game and Fish Department field hundreds of questions about access to lands for hunting. [...]

Each year, Wyoming Game and Fish Department experts compile a robust overview of hunting conditions and predictions for each region throughout Wyoming. [...]

Wyoming Game and Fish’s Access Yes Program, featuring Walk-In Areas and Hunter Management Areas, provides an excellent opportunity to facilitate public hunting and fishing access on private lands. [...]

Find answers to commonly asked questions about hunting. [...]

While many folks might be focused on big game hunting plans this fall, fishing in the autumn months can also be rewarding for anglers seeking water time on area reservoirs or mountain streams. [...]

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The Wyoming Game and Fish Department is asking successful elk hunters in targeted hunt areas to again help in brucellosis surveillance in the Bighorns and Bighorn Basin. In return, they have a… [...]

Imagine the earth as a bathtub full of corn syrup with a paper towel on top. As the gooey substance beneath moves, the towel ripples, tears and bunches in unpredictable ways, geologist Steve S… [...]