Bagging a moose or bighorn sheep in Sheridan County may become a little easier if the Wyoming Legislature moves forward with recent recommendations from the Wyoming Wildlife Taskforce. [...]

There are myriad options for anglers and fish connoisseurs of all types in the Sheridan area, and as far as “the best fishery” goes, it all depends on what you want. [...]

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Things are looking up at Lake DeSmet. The rainbow trout fishery was struggling in recent years but we’ve seen signs that it’s turning around and our fingers are crossed. [...]

As gardeners, we are at war with weeds. Our enemy is dedicated, persevering, and mindless. Yes, I am talking about weeds, but not just any weed. We are at war with the king of weeds. [...]

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The grandeur of the Bighorn Mountains will again provide the backdrop for the Bighorn REA Summer Concert Series set to kick off June 26 at the Antelope Butte Mountain Recreation Area. The Satu… [...]

People add all kinds of stuff to their garden soil. The soil amendments range from eggshells to coal. I’ve seen people add wood ashes and flowers of sulfur. Some of the strangest additives inc… [...]

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The “Great Greening” is underway across Sheridan County — and no, I’m not talking about all those green license plates traveling north to enjoy our Wyoming wonderland. [...]

The small pond in our backyard is full of magic. During the summer months it is a great cooling off spot for kids and dogs alike. In the fall, the local deer herd frequents our yard because of… [...]

SHERIDAN — Bighorn National Forest officials are presenting partnership opportunities to interested groups and individuals.  [...]

Most residents of Wyoming can attest to the fact that when traveling outside of the state many people you meet typically have personal connections to places like Jackson Hole or Yellowstone Na… [...]

A degree in wildlife management, coupled with a sense of adventure and desire to be outdoors, has led 2017 Chadron State College graduate Collin Eisenman to a variety of natural resource jobs … [...]

The construction of the first transcontinental railroad through southern Wyoming began in 1867 and created the need for the railroad tie industry, also known as the tie hack industry. The Medi… [...]