The profound change in seasons over the past week has me excited for snowy activities in the winter ahead, but also reminiscing the warm and wonderful summer and fall adventures of the past five months. In early July, I wrote briefly about preparing for my annual summer adventure with my girlfriends, but I now realize I didn’t report on the trip upon our return.

For starters, there were a few significant breaks in tradition this year over the past seven years. Instead of trekking into the Bighorns’ Cloud Peak Wilderness, we took an 11-hour drive to the Main Salmon River in Central Idaho. Kristen wasn’t able to join us this year, so Wendy’s 14-year-old son, Ian, accompanied the other three of us. We traded in our hiking boots and backpacks for Chaco sandals and life vests. And, instead of avoiding as many people as possible, we spent our coveted time away with 26 other adventure seekers.

Julie Greer is a member of the Wyoming State Parks & Cultural Resources Commission.

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