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Snow accumulations up to 11 inches in Big Horn, Story and Burgess Junction and up to 5 inches in Dayton wreaked havoc on the county Tuesday mo…

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SHERIDAN — The first snow of the fall 2021 season hit Sheridan and the surrounding areas Monday evening, with Tuesday's forecast showing addit…

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With warming temperatures and summer-like weather, many visitors are heading to the Bighorn National Forest. Unfortunately, some of those trips are ending with a tow truck and a few have received violation notices. There is still a substantial amount of snow and most roads and facilities are not yet accessible.

I have a confession: I hate winter. I begin counting down the days until spring the instant I see the first snowflake of the season. While others are strapping on their skis and building entire snow villages, I’m buying one of those lights that’s supposed to trick your body into being happy and refusing to leave my house if the temperature dips below 30. Luckily, I have the gentle majesty of books (and my mood light) to keep me going through the challenging Wyoming winter.