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The University of Wyoming football team released its post-spring football depth chart last week. While the depth chart will slightly change once incoming freshmen are thrown into the fray during fall ball, the two-deep gives Pokes fans a peek into what the football team will look like once the season rolls around.

Here are my five biggest takeaways from the depth chart:


Tyler Hall at corner not nickel

The UW senior is very versatile. He is physical and has a good compact physical frame at 5-foot-10, 190 pounds. That makes him the perfect nickel back, a position he played last year, and an undersized cornerback.

Head coach Craig Bohl has elected to keep Hall out at corner — a position he also played last season because of an injury to C.J. Coldon — but his skill set and instincts are best suited for nickel back.


Chambers in at QB

Sean Chambers will mark the third starting quarterback to begin the season for UW in as many years. Chambers unsurprisingly beat Tyler Vander Waal, who started out last season as the starter, but was pulled midway through the year because of ineffectiveness.

Chambers — because of the new redshirt rule that came into play last season — will be a redshirt freshman in 2019, and we’ll see what a year within the system and development did for the youngster.


Four locals listed as starters

The number of Wyomingites on the Pokes football team has grown since Bohl took over, and the locals have proven they can play at the highest level of college football. A quartet of Equality State-hailing players will enter fall ball as starters.

Logan Wilson is the most obvious one, as he has stood as a mainstay in the middle of Wyoming’s defense for years now. Fellow Casper native, Josh Harshman, will start at tight end after a knee injury kept him off the field for the second half of last season. Torrington’s Logan Harris and Skylar Miller topped the depth chart, as well, at guard and fullback, respectively.

It’s worth noting that former Sheridan Bronc, Blayne Baker, is listed just behind Harris at right guard.


Still trying to figure out free safety

The word “OR” pops up quite a bit on Wyoming’s post-spring depth chart, seven times to be exact. It’s not uncommon to see “OR” on a Bohl depth chart, but to see it seven times is a little more than usual. Does that mean that Wyoming has too much talent at some spots or that no one has separated themselves in those spots? I’m thinking it’s more likely the latter.

One position that has an “OR” that needs shoring up is free safely. Braden Smith and Rome Weber are both listed with “OR” next to their names.

One of those two will be tasked with replacing Marcus Epps, who was the lone Wyoming player drafted this season. Those are big shoes to fill, and it isn’t clear which one will try and do so at this point.


This will certainly change

I said it once, and I’ll say it again, this depth chart will not look the same as the one leading up to the season opener against Missouri. Jeff Burroughs will likely not remain the backup running back. Tim Zeleski may still be rehabbing his injured knee and won’t be able to punt at the start right away.

But while it will change, the two-deep has given fans something to mull over during the slow summer months.


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